Welcome to HD Center Stand

We are the Canadian Agent for RIVCO Center Stand and other motorcycle related accessories.

The Center Stand was something that I spent considerable time searching out for my own personal use. I own a 2007 FLHTCU which is pictured above. I took the time to do the research, spoke to many a company on the phone and then made the journey to meet with Rich Colano, where I purchased my own Rivco Center Stand from the owner. Once I had the stand installed I began to learn all of the ways it can really make enjoying my Harley Touring Model that much more pleasurable - my expectations were surpassed! The RIVCO center stand is wider then the rest ( by 1.5") giving you a far better more stable stance. I have one of the competitions stands which I removed after my bike fell over 3 times. This is a true driveaway unit. Plus it offered me the ability to crank down the legs if and when I wanted to lift the rear tire for storage or cleaning.

Here are some examples of what it does for you..:

arrow2 Adding fuel - I get at least a  1/2 gallon more because the bike is straight..
arrow2 Loading the Saddle bags - level loading easily now on both sides, not just right!
arrow2 Checking Oil - so much easier - no one needs to hold it upright for me
arrow2 Cleaning - Back wheel, Tires , frame, entire left side - no problems now
arrow2 Mount and Dismount - Wow - what a difference this made - easy on, easy off
arrow2 Sinking into Asphalt? No more worries about the kickstand sinking - this does not
arrow2 I tested it out myself at 109 degrees in Texas - not a problem at all.
arrow2 Space Saving - I now have three bikes in my single garage no problem!
arrow2 Show Your Ride - I must admit everywhere I go HD riders asked me about it!.

It took me only a couple of days to realize that this was a product I would highly recommend, and subsequently made the decision to move forward with HD Center Stand which is the Exclusive Agent for this product within Canada.

I have travelled over 40,000 this past 12 months and sure wish I had this a long time ago. It would have made trips with the wife far easier not to mention everything else as mentioned above. If you are as serious and as passionate as I am about riding and everything it brings to you then I believe this is a product that you should really have. It makes the experience that much more enjoyable all around.

Please if you have any question email me at
sales@hdcenterstand.com or pick up the phone and give us a call on our toll free @ 1-888-795-2876 please leave a message if we do not answer. I would love to hear from you. Given the chance I will bend your ear and sell you one!

Thanks David Purdy
button_1    Model HD001A Ride Off Stand
   Center Stand for ALL Suspensions ( Full Chrome unit )
    One stand fits all regardless of suspension alterations
    Fits 1989-2008 Model Years
1246224270_view_detailsBtn        $319.95

button_2    Model HD001A-09 Ride Off Stand
   Center Stand for ALL 2009 and newer units ( Full Chrome unit )
    Suitable for models like - Street Glides, Road Kings etc
    Fits 2009 Forward Model Years
1246224270_view_detailsBtn        $329.95

button_3    Model HD001A-09BK  Ride Off Stand
   Center Stand for ALL 2009 and newer ( Solid Black unit )
   Suitable for models like - Street Glides, Road Kings
   This model is 1 inch lower then stock stand.
    Fits 1989-2008 Model Years
1246224270_view_detailsBtn         $289.95